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ATSA Issues Positive Book Review

An excerpt from ATSA former president, and book reviewer, David Prescott, LICSW

I’ve long appreciated this kind of project and have recently been involved (outside of our field) in publishing the work of a practitioner in Norway. It is a helpful opportunity to see how an experienced professional comes to view and reflect upon their life’s work. Callahan’s attitude and approach will appeal to many.

What Ever Happened to Sex Education?

Nationally, there are nearly 1,000,000 registered sex offenders, with others returning from prison every day. Besides helping them find their way back to productivity (and aiding public safety in the process), we also have a responsibility to address the ongoing crisis of sex abuse. Our educational seminars will address that aspect too; not just how to deal with those already convicted, but also how to prevent new crimes from being committed.

Heartbreak and Hope

I heard that story and dozens more at the `10th annual NARSOL (Nat'l Assoc. of Rational Sex Offense Laws) conference last week. Aptly themed "The Road to Independence", the conference was held outside Cleveland, in Independence, Ohio. The title also pertains to the difficult road those on the sex offender registry face. 

The Lust of Youngsters: Today, Romeo Would Be a Sex Offender!

There is a silver lining for the young man, too, but it's a thin one. In order to get out from under the sex offender label, he must be drug free, and crime free for five years. He must visit his probation officer regularly, and be subjected to urinalysis. And he must complete sex offender training. (I told her to tell him that shopping for the right treatment provider is like shopping for a counselor, or a reputable car dealer.)