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Ex offender Talks about TED (Treatment, Education and Determination)

“There are basically two types of treatment,” said Sean, a former sex offender. "The first assumes offenders are fundamentally screwed up and that treatment providers are tasked with breaking you down, and confronting your denial," he said.

The second type of treatment approaches the issue from a different angle, Sean continued. “It assumes offenders are human. We have darkness and light in us, but we are basically worthwhile.” From that vantage point, he was asked to examine himself thoroughly, including his formative years. “I had to discover what was lacking so that I chose to meet my needs in unhealthy ways.”

Incest is usually a family matter, with the victims sexually abused by a family member or person close to the family. It is one of the most common, and least reported crime.

Victims of incest often shoulder the blame, shame and trauma for years, maybe decades, after the assault. Reporting it, and finding treatment both for the victim and the offender are very important. Reporting it is the only way in which we can break the cycle so prevalent in our culture.