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News coverage and upcoming events about the book.

News coverage and upcoming events about the book.


Sunday Statesman Journal Feature

Marilyn's interview with veteran reporter Capi Lynn captures some of the colorful past of this pioneering social worker, while also detailing some of the techniques that have made Marilyn's career noteworthy.

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Book Launch at The Book Bin

On April 6, at 7 p.m., co-authors Marilyn Callahan and Tim Buckley will talk briefly about their collaboration and a broad view of Marilyn's treatment protocol. They will read an excerpt written by a former client of Marilyn's. And they will answer questions before signing copies of the book.

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Restorative Treatment Model Keys on Strengths, Involves Community

Punishment serves a short term purpose: to wake up the offender, to get their attention. After that, however, punishment only serves to discourage, grind down and degrade people. That's not where change begins.

Jan Haaken hosts a radio program called "The Old Mole Variety Hour" on KBOO-FM in Portland, Oregon. On today's show, the psychologist and film documentarian talked with Tim Buckley, co-author of S.O. The New Scarlet Letters. 

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Among the distinctions, Tim talks about the need to better define "sex offender" because that term covers a wide spectrum of crimes - from urinating in public, for example, to serial rape and murder of adults or children.

Article Focuses on Offender Treatment and Community Partnerships in Reentry.

Co-author Marilyn Callahan has found that "thinking errors" heavily influence criminal behavior. Those thinking errors often begin at a very young age, she said.

In terms of treating those convicted of  a sexual offense, she helps each client "become their own therapist." In other words, she guides them to be more self aware and self disciplined. " I expect them to be truthful and accountable, and grow healthier in their approach to sexuality," she said.

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The authors say it is time for society to more widely help victims shed shame and trauma, as well as time for offenders to learn how to change, make their amends and begin to earn back society's trust.

Co-author Cites Common Myths about Sex Offenses

Co-author Tim Buckley talks about a few misconceptions about sex offenders. One myth is that they all are pedophiles. Another is that none are treatable. A third: all of them are men.

He also discusses how reintegration of these people, after prison, can best reduce the chances of any criminal reoffense.

Finally, Buckley looks at the #MeToo issue, and how those accused can be better held accountable by society while also offering them the standards of justice afforded anyone accused of a crime. Simultaneously, he argues that same methods of treatment used on convicted offenders is effective with anyone who acknowledges their behavior and makes effort to change..

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Female Offender (also a victim) discusses her crime, prison and treatment

"Barbara" had been sexually abused as a child and adolescent; it was part of her family's baggage going back generations. Then, in her second marriage, her new husband demanded she become part of a sexual fantasy of his, involving her oldest son, 12 years old at the time.

Click here to listen to how she used her time in prison, and her subsequent treatment with co-author Marilyn Callahan. Now more than a decade out of prison, Barbara gives an emotional review of the difficulty of her growth and  healing.